Four Trends In Garden Shutters

Garden shutters can be used to enhance the appearance of a home, protect its occupants from the sun and wind and improve energy efficiency. They are often used in conjunction with solar control or UV-resistant glass to reduce heat gain from the sun.

Garden shutters are also commonly used for privacy reasons, as they can be designed to work as a security screen by preventing people from looking into your property. Here are four trends in garden shutters.

1. Garden Shutters Trend One: Under-Door Lights

Under-door lights can be installed in any type of shutter, but they're especially popular with wooden shutters. These lights are hidden behind the slats and illuminate the floor beneath them. They're often installed in front of windows as well so that you can use them to light up dark hallways or staircases. You can also use them on patio doors or French doors, but they may not be as effective because they don't block out light from outside as well as other types of shutters do.

2. Garden Shutters Trend Two: Double Hung Shutters

Double-hung shutters are another popular style of window covering in Australia. These shutters have two panels – one on the top and one on the bottom – that open horizontally when you slide them back and forth by hand or with a pulley mechanism. You can choose between louvered and solid panels for different looks, as well as hinged or sliding designs for convenience.

3. Garden Shutters Trend Three: Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is another great option for your windows. This type of glass blocks out heat from the sun and helps you save money on cooling costs. You can also find solar control glass that has a tint to offer privacy during the day while still allowing you to see outside clearly at night.

4. Garden Shutters Trend Four: Remote Control Systems

The second trend in garden shutters in Australia is remote control systems. These allow you to open and close your blinds from the comfort of your lounge room, which makes life much easier when you need to access your backyard. You can also program these systems so they open and close at certain times of day, or if someone comes into view of the camera that is installed outside your home. This gives you peace of mind when you are away from home because you won't need to worry about being burgled by someone who sees an opportunity to break into your house through an open window or door while you are away from home for work or on holiday.

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