3 Ways Composite Decking Saves You Money

If you want to put down new decking in your garden, then you might not be sure about using composite products. These decking materials are a little more expensive than basic wood decking.

However, composite decking is a good investment. It could save you money in the long run. How?

1. Composite Decking Lasts Longer

Even if you take good care of wood decking, it will eventually need to be replaced. This kind of decking doesn't last forever.

On the other hand, high-quality composite decking lasts longer. If you can keep the same decking in place for more years, then your overall purchasing costs will be lower. You won't have to pay out to put down new decking as soon or as often.

2. Composite Decking Reduces Repair Costs

Wood decking is likely to need some repair work over the years. For example, you might have to replace parts of your deck if some of your wood rots or develops water damage. You might have to deal with splintered areas, problems with screws and fixings, cracks, and warping. This work doesn't just keep your decking looking good, it also keeps it safe to walk on and use.

Plus, if termites or other wood-boring insects get into the wood, then you might have to replace some, if not all, of your decking. Even treated wood can lose its protection over the years, making it an attractive option for some insects.

Composite decking is less likely to get damaged. It doesn't retain water so it won't rot. It doesn't have screws that can pop out, rust or break.

These materials are also more UV-resistant. Unlike wood, they won't dry out in the sun and turn brittle enough to crack. Your decking will be of no interest to insects. So, you'll have few, if any, repair costs.

3. Composite Decking Has Lower Maintenance Costs

Wood decking needs regular maintenance. For example, its coating will degrade over time. You'll probably have to reseal, revarnish or repaint it every year. This is an essential job. It doesn't just improve the way your deck looks, it also gives the wood some vital protection.

So, you'll have time costs here, and you'll have to pay for paint, varnish or sealants as well as equipment to apply them. This will be a recurring cost.

Composite decking doesn't need this kind of work. It holds its colour or tone. It doesn't need to be sealed or varnished. Typically, you simply wash the decking down to keep it clean. You won't have to pay for coating products or equipment.

Bear in mind that you can buy composite products which look like wood, such as NewTechWood composite decking, if this is important to you.

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