What Types of Business-Related Items Can You Store in a Self-Storage Unit?

When you think about self-storage units, you might think about renting them so that you can store household decor, clothing and other items that you might not have room for in your home. However, although it's true that self-storage units are very popular and useful for personal and residential purposes, they can be used for other purposes as well. For example, your business could potentially benefit from renting one or more self-storage units. These are some of the different types of business-related items that you might want to store in one of these units.

Extra Office Furniture

You might have extra desks, office chairs and other furniture that isn't needed in your office right now, but you might not want to throw this furniture away if you can help it. With a self-storage unit, you can keep extra furniture around in case you need it, all without worrying about it taking up a bunch of space in your office.

Promotional Materials

You might like to order promotional materials for your business. For example, you might have ordered bags, T-shirts or other items that are personalised with your company's name, just so that you can give them out to customers or the general public. You might have signs, flyers, banners and other promotional items that you use for advertising, but you might not need to use these items all the time. You might have even invested in materials that you use when setting up trade show booths or hosting corporate events. You can keep all of these promotional materials safe and easy to access -- without allowing them to take up limited office space -- by storing them in a self-storage unit.

Extra Hardware

Your company might have recently invested in new computers or computer equipment, but you might want to keep your old hardware close at hand, just in case you need it. Alternatively, you might just want to store it until you can sell it since you might be hoping to get some of your investment back. Either way, a storage unit can provide you with a good, secure place to store extra hardware.


Your office might have gone mostly paperless by now, so you might not need to have direct access to your paper documents at all times. However, you might still need to keep physical copies, just in case you need them. You can instantly reduce the clutter in your office by storing these documents in a self-storage unit.

For more information on what you can store, contact a local business storage facility.

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