Give Winter Pests the Cold Shoulder: 3 Pests That Could Invade Your Home This Winter

During the coming winter months in Australia, homeowners won't be the only ones seeking warmth and comfort. Although Australian winters aren't as cold as those of the northern hemisphere, you still need to be wary of warmth-seeking pests.

This winter, ensure your home doesn't become a magnet for the following 3 common winter pests.

Rats and Mice

Rodents, especially mice and rats, will be on the lookout for homes that offer both warmth and food in abundance. One of the worst offenders to watch out for is the black rat, or roof rat, because of its reputation for being agile as well as an excellent climber.

A rat or mouse infestation brings fleas and allergy-causing feces and urine. Not only that, but the teeth of mice and rats never stop growing. For example, a rat's teeth may grow up to 5 inches in a year. This means they need to chew. That's bad news for your wiring, plumbing and anything else tough enough to wear away rat or mice teeth.

German Cockroaches

By far the most notorious of all cockroaches, German cockroaches will also be seeking warm accommodation this coming winter. If there is a steady supply of water, like a leaking tap or pipe, along with warmth and food (cockroaches aren't fussy about what they eat), your home could turn into a roach motel this winter if you aren't careful.


Although termites do slow down in winter, as they tend to stay close to their nest to keep warm, if your home is close to a nest and is sufficiently warm, they might pay you a visit. Termites will extend their colony, creating satellite colonies, if enough food and warmth is available, even in winter.

Eliminate Cracks, Nooks and Crannies

All of the aforementioned pests can infiltrate your home through small, or even tiny, openings. Ensure that you inspect your home thoroughly for any small entry points that might provide access to a warmth-seeking pest. Otherwise, you might end up providing free bed and boarding to an opportunistic pest.

Be Wise With Your Wood Piles

If you'll be keeping a supply of wood to help you keep warm this winter, ensure that you stack and store the wood with pests in mind. Termites like wood that is in contact with the ground or with the siding of a home, so keep wood away from soil and your home's siding.

Rats and mice may nest in a woodpile if it is near your home, in order to take advantage of the nearby warmth. They may also wait in the shadows of a woodpile, looking for an opportunity to enter your home. Keep your wood in a container of some form to stop rats or mice from using it.

Finally, remember that cockroaches also need moisture and food as well as warmth to survive. Keep your home clean and dry throughout winter to keep cockroaches at bay.

Contact a local rodent pest control service to learn more.

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