Four Benefits of Plantation Shutters In Your Home

Although there are plenty of different ways to control the light that comes into your home, few are better than shutters. You may prefer curtains, blinds or even tinted glass, but these simple devices continue to remain popular all over the world because they are so tried and tested whilst looking good. If you are considering purchasing new window treatments for your home, then what do you need to know to remind yourself of the relative merits of plantation shutters? 

1. Safeguard Your Home

One of the most important things about a set of shutters over your window is that it provides an additional physical barrier. As such, this is one of the best window treatments you could opt for if you have security concerns. Even highly secure windows which have tamper-proof frames and well-designed locks can be smashed through by a determined criminal. With a set of shutters, on the other hand, anyone who breaks the glazing will have to get past another layer of protection. 

2. Make Your Home Private

When you pull shutters across your windows, you can achieve a very high level of privacy. Compare this to Venetian blinds, for example, where it is always possible to peek through even if the slats have been turned towards the vertical. Unlike other window treatments, you can achieve an almost total level of privacy when you have shutters fitted on either the inside or the outside of your home. 

3. Fine Tune Your Light Control

Unlike curtains, for instance, which provide only a basic level of light control when you pull them across, shutters with louvres are much more responsive to your changing needs throughout the day. It is possible to adjust louvres so that you can still maintain plenty of sunlight in your home without it overheating in the middle of the day. Not only does this mean that your home does not become too bright during the middle of summer but it will help you to reduce your utility bills because you'll end turning on your home's air-conditioning system much less often.

4. A Unified Look

From an interior design point of view, this type of window treatment also makes sense. If you have them fitted over every window in your home, then you can achieve a unified look that is very appealing. This tip is particularly effective if you have lots of differently sized and shaped windows in your home. Talk to a supplier to order plantation shutters

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