Advantages of Installing Plantation Shutters In Your Home

If you're looking for a beautiful window covering, you'll have plenty of possibilities to consider. One attractive option is plantation shutters. Consider the following advantages.

Material Choices

You can pick from a range of materials for your shutters. Aluminium, one option, is stable and long-lasting. Plus, it resists moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Alternatively, you could install timber shutters that add texture to your decor, whether stained or painted. Another possibility is faux wood, which evokes timber's warmth, without developing mould and mildew in damp environments.

Colour Options

No matter what material you select, you'll have plenty of colour choices for your shutters. Aluminium models are powder-coated with resins and pigments that form a hard, smooth surface in endless colours. Timber can be stained or painted, and faux wood offers a vast range, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a shade to ornament your home and style. For a classic look, you could go with white or else stick with warm timber tones or other hues. 

Can Feature In All Rooms

Plantation shutters can function well in a variety of different rooms. In humid bathrooms and kitchens, make sure to choose aluminium or faux wood. Because shutters fit securely against the window, they cut off every flicker of light, and thus they'll create a blackout space in a bedroom to encourage a good night's sleep. In living areas, you can fine-tune the louvres to create a dimmer or brighter environment, angling the blades to direct light upwards so that it doesn't fade furniture. You can also create total seclusion for bathrooms. Installing shutters in all areas of your home will give it a cohesive look.

Suits Different Styles

Though decorative, plantation shutters evoke a clean aesthetic, as they don't fall in swathes of loose fabric like curtains, nor use textiles like Roman blinds. They accommodate various room styles. For instance, white shutters can enhance a traditional, formal dining room or flatter a zen-inspired minimalist bathroom. In a colourful bohemian space, you could install honey brown or cheerfully coloured shutters.

Thus, residential plantation shutters deliver many benefits. You can select a material and choose from a full scope of colours and finishes to integrate the shutters into any room in the home, including steamy bathrooms and kitchens. As they give control over visibility and light transmission, they'll satisfy needs for seclusion and darkness. Additionally, they fit in with various decors, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Look for residential plantation shutters in a store near you.

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