3 Top Elements to Consider When Selecting Awning Material

Adding awnings is an excellent remodelling idea that will add style and function to your home or business's outdoor area. To be able to enjoy all the benefits of such an installation, there are several things that you will need to decide on, one of which is the type of material for the awnings.

With quite a number of options to choose from, here is a breakdown of some of the factors to consider when selecting awning materials.

1.    Shade Factor

Achieving the best possible shading effect adds comfort to your outdoor spaces in addition to ensuring that you avoid sun damage to your furnishings. With the right material, your awnings can provide this shade.

Different materials have different shade factors — that is, how much of the sun's rays the material can block. This element should be a priority when you are doing comparison buying.

2.    Influence on Awning Lifespan

Buying and installing awnings is quite the investment, which will be money well spent if you can get to enjoy the use of the awnings for a long time. Weather resistance plays a big role in increasing the longevity of awnings.

Metal awnings are inherently quite durable and hold up well in all weather conditions. Acrylic and synthetic awnings are also highly UV-resistant and stand up well to the sun. Fibreglass, on the other hand, does not perform as well when it comes to UV resistance, and the awnings may begin to crack following prolonged exposure to the sun.

3.    Cleaning and Maintenance Demands

The less time and effort it takes to clean and maintain your awnings, the better. On one end of the spectrum are the metal awnings. These types are easy to clean, and when you do clean them, it's while they are in place. Wiping with a wet cloth when you notice some dust build-up is more than enough.

On the other end are canvas awnings that can be quite demanding when it comes to cleaning. This material is more susceptible to decay and mould, which means you have to frequently clean the fabric. They also do not hold their shape as well as other awnings, and you may need to adjust them now and then.

Choose What Works For You

The material you choose will influence how good a shading effect your awnings provide, how long they last and how much maintenance they require. Based on these criteria, you will have it easy finding what is best for you.

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