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Decorative homewares are what truly transform any room into something spectacular. There is such a huge variety of homewares to choose from, ranging from simply decorative wallpaper to extravagant lighting arrangements. One should select homewares according to their design preferences.

Here are some of the most popular design trends: 

  • Vintage- These are making their come back this year! People are choosing to add vintage pieces to their living spaces to not only add charm to these rooms but also add uniqueness as each piece has a story of its own.
  • Pastels- People are learning to truly embrace pastels. Using these soft colours means taking a fresher and lighter approach when decorating spaces such as bedrooms. This is where people go to relax and unwind after a long day and soft colours help calm the mind. 
  • Neutral Colours- One simply can't go wrong with neutral home decor. These come in different textures such as jute, sisal and wool. Simple, neutral pieces can add warmth to any living space. For instance, macrame wall hangings in neutral colours are becoming increasingly popular and are an easy way of using wall decor to spice up an area. 

Once one has selected what type of trend they are using, they should look for inspiration. Magazines, online blogs and social media platforms all offer thousands of inspirational images for decorative homewares. The most popular homeware items include:

  • Trays- Gone are the days when trays were only used to serve food and beverages. Nowadays there are metal, mirror, jute, glass and wood trays, all of which are used as home decor items to instantly add character to living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. The trick is to select the right items to place on the trays. Delicate artificial flowers, vintage books and candles are some of the most popular items used on these trays.
  • Throw rugs- Throw rugs add a touch of cosiness wherever they are placed. An old, boring sofa can be instantly brought back to life with a cosy throw rug draped across it and some new cushions. Bedrooms seem much more welcoming when throw rugs are draped on the bed. These rugs are available in a wide range of materials including wool and fur varieties.
  • Vases- Vases act like a blank canvas. One can bring this canvas to life by carefully choosing the type of flowers placed inside.

Look online to see what decorative homewares are available. 

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