Why Fit Roman Blinds Instead of Roller Blinds?

People often underestimate the impact different types of blinds can have on a room. While roller blinds are common, you can create a more pleasing appearance, enjoy a wider range of options and even cut down on your winter heating bills by choosing Roman blinds instead.

Rather than rolling up, Roman blinds are fitted with a series of internal rods that let the material fold into pleats as they are raised. Here are just a few persuasive reasons why you should fit Roman blinds instead of roller blinds.

Elegant Appearance

Probably the most common reason for people to choose Roman blinds over roller blinds is that they care more about style. Roller blinds are generally chosen more because they're inexpensive, so people rarely view them as a luxury option.

Roman blinds offer a more attractive appearance whether up or down. The pleats form attractive breaks in the fabric when your blinds are lowered. When you put them up, part of the pattern you chose shows at the top of the window, so your windows won't look as bare and you'll be able to keep using the pattern as part of your overall design scheme.

Wider Range of Materials

Since roller blinds are usually made as an economy option and must roll up tight, there aren't many choices when it comes to material. Roller blinds will generally be made from a stiff material with an artificial feel to it. This isn't always a problem, but some people like being able to select from a wider range of materials, and Roman blinds can answer that need. You can choose anything from a softer fabric like silk or velvet to a thicker one if you want to keep in more heat and keep out more light.

Provides Added Insulation

Most people think of blinds only as a way to control the amount of light that gets into a room and prevent anyone from looking in. That might be their primary purpose, but you can also use blinds as a form of insulation.  Any type of blind can perform this role, but Roman blinds do it best because they tend to use relatively thick material. During the winter months, you can keep some of your Roman blinds down to stop the heat escaping, lowering your heating bills and staying warming in the process. Since they're so much thinner, roller blinds will only have a negligible effect.

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