How To Use Concrete As a Part of Your Interior Design

Many architects love concrete as a suitable material to form large structures. World-famous sites like the Colosseum are made from it. Concrete is convenient to use to make new structures because it can be poured on site as a liquid where it will subsequently harden. Alternatively, precast concrete sections are sometimes transported to the site, and a new building is made from them, often fitting together much like oversized building blocks.

Although concrete has a reputation for an austere look when it is used in a residential building, this is far from the case. It can be given a number of different looks and finishes. If you like the look of concrete but don't have the funds to commission a new concrete house to live in, then how can you get the concrete look in your home? Read on to discover some concrete retro-fits which will look great in any dwelling.

Sprayed Concrete Walls 

Although it is not really practical to line walls with pre-cast concrete sections, this can be done. Spray-on concrete is a better option. It is sometimes used in basements to create a waterproof layer, for example. However, this is not an option you should take lightly because it means creating a great deal of disruption in your home.

Poured Concrete Floors

To create a new hard-wearing floor in your home, there are few better options than pouring concrete in place. Poured concrete is ideal if you are installing an underfloor heating system because the material will heat up when the system is turned on and act like a radiator once the power has been turned off. Concrete stores heat energy rather efficiently in this way. What's more, poured concrete is virtually free from maintenance and looks really good when it has been polished and levelled expertly following the pour.

Concrete Tiles

Perhaps the simplest way of getting the concrete look in your home it to uses concrete tiles. They come in a number of different grey tones and will look just as good inside the home as they would as a cladding on the outside of it. Tiles made from concrete are grouted into place just like conventional ceramic ones. In some cases, you will find concrete-effect tiles for sale. These look just like the real thing but are not actually made from concrete. They are ideal for installing in a kitchen or a bathroom where you have a poured concrete floor already.

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