Different Ways to Arrange a Modular Lounge

A great advantage of modular lounges is their flexibility; they can be arranged and rearranged in countless ways and configurations to suit rooms of all proportions. While this is a good thing, it can make life difficult; where to start when setting it up? You almost have too many options.

Whether you move regularly or are simply a rearranging-junkie, modular couches are the ultimate flexible piece of furniture.

In a Corner

One popular option is to position the lounge as one right-angled unit fitting snugly into a corner. This arrangement particularly suits smaller rooms. It maximizes space as you don't need to allow room for walking behind and around the couch. 

While a modular couch is a relatively large item of furniture, it does work well even in confined spaces. In this case, you should aim to remove unnecessary decorative items cluttering the area; this will automatically create a feeling of spaciousness. Try removing items such as unused lamps and side tables.

A uniform modular couch throws off cleaner lines than multiple couches that provide the same seating; fewer cluttered lines distract the eye. So the design of the furniture itself will help in your endeavor to create a fresh uncluttered look. Though of course, cushions, throw rugs and other accessories can jazz it up.

In the Middle

Another option is to arrange the modular couch in the center of the room, away from any walls. As a lounge is such a large piece of furniture, it can work to organize the room into sections.

For example, if the modular lounge is separated and arranged so as to form two facing couches; a rug and coffee table could tie them together visually into one unit. This classic arrangement works well if perpendicular to a focal point such as a fireplace. The backs of the couches function like barriers in containing that cozy space and dividing it from the rest of the room. This is handy in open plan areas, or large rooms, to segregate a lounging from a dining area for example.

Even in smaller rooms, arranging a modular couch facing a wall, towards a television screen, for example, can work to divide the room in a positive way. If positioned near the doorway, the back of the couch forms an entryway into the room while sectioning off a cozy corner.

The options for arranging a modular lounge are almost limitless. You can position them as one unit or several, against walls or in the center. Whether you're renting and move relatively frequently, or just like to shake things up, they provide incredible flexibility.

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