4 Ways to Prep the Room for Timber Floor Polishing

Timber floors are stunning additions to any home with their natural grain producing a regal finish. But you need to polish or get them polished every once in a while in order to maintain their appearance. Polishing requires a bit of advance organisation to make sure the room is properly prepped. This guide is designed to help you do that.

Take Away Movable Items & Place Them Elsewhere

All movable items like lamps, televisions, music systems, curtains and furniture covers should ideally be removed and placed elsewhere. This will prevent dust from the process of sanding to settle down and dirty them. While modern sanding equipment comes with dust collecting machines, it is near impossible to eliminate all dust while doing the job, which cold have an impact on your movable items. The best thing to do is to remove what you can and keep the room as bare as possible.

Seal Accessible Areas & Cover Lights

All accessible areas like vents, window frames and fireplaces can end up riddled with dust in unreachable grooves. This can make it extremely hard for you to maintain in the future. Cover these accessible areas with a thick canvas cloth or paper and masking tape. Most light fittings cannot be removed, so you can cover them with paper t prevent dust from sitting on them. Make sure some lights are available for use in case the room gets dark and work needs to continue.

Remove Clutter from Floors

Sanding and polishing cannot take place on cluttered floors so be sure to clean them ahead of time. Remember that you're paying for jobs like of sanding and polishing so you don't want them to spend more time cleaning, which will cost you more. Get as many items away from the floors as you can to ensure all areas of the room are tackled in the process.

Fill any Nail Holes & Gaps with Filler

Remember that you pay for every job on your floor. If you want to keep sanding and polishing costs to a minimum, you can fill any nail holes and gaps with putty filler. Putty can be picked up from any home improvement store and is easy to use as a DIY application. Give the filler time to dry based on the package instructions before getting the professionals to start sanding and polishing your timber floors.

Beautiful timber floors need regular maintenance to retain their appeal. Follow these steps.

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