The Pros and Cons of Various Ways to Handle a Long-Distance Move

If you're planning a long-distance move, you'll want to ensure you take extra care of your belongings while they're in transit, as a longer move may mean a higher risk of damage to those items. In order to ensure you make the best choice for your long-distance move, note a few pros and cons of various ways to handle that move, and what to expect with each option.

Handling the move yourself

You might rent a truck and get friends to help you pack up your items, and this if often the cheapest way to move, but also the riskiest. Your household goods, and especially items like electronics and dishes, need to be packed properly and then stored in a truck properly, to avoid breakage. It can also be harder than you expect to move large and bulky items, and you may risk toppling a hand truck while going up or down a ramp. Consider carefully the money you might save on your move against the risks of damage to your items if you should decide on this option.


Hiring removalists can be the best way to protect household items, as removalists know how to pack items properly, both into moving boxes and into the back of a truck. A professional driver will also know how to drive safely and manage a bigger rig, so that your items don't slide around the cargo area while in transit.

While removalists can be a bit more expensive than other options you might consider, you may have more choices for their services than you realize, such as a backend load. This is when your move is done at the same time as another customer's move. You may not be able to get an exact arrival time for a backend load, but it can mean having professional removalists handle your move at a price you can afford.

Shipping containers

You can actually rent a shipping container to move your items across the state or across the country via railcar or plane, but note that you would need to arrange trucking of the container to a railway or airport, and then to your new home in your new location. Shipping containers are also not designed to carry household items, and railcars and planes may cause a lot of jostling of your container, so you would need to pack your items very carefully if you choose to ship things in a container.

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