Why Choose Teak Furniture for Your Home's Patio or Deck

When it comes to the style and material of outdoor furniture, you certainly have many options from which to choose, including wicker, metal, plastic or PVC, and teak. While each of these will offer their own particular advantages, and while teak may be a bit costlier than some of these other materials, note a few reasons to choose teak furniture when you're ready to add some pieces to your home's patio or deck area.


Teak furniture doesn't hold a paint colour well, as the dense yet oily surface of the wood might cause paint to peel and chip very easily, rather than actually adhere to the surface. While that may sound like a drawback, this is actually a benefit to teak furniture, as this material needs virtually no maintenance over time! Metal furniture may need a coating of a rust inhibitor every year or as often as recommended by the manufacturer, and the paint colour on wicker furniture also tends to fade over time.

Also, the density of the wood means that teak furniture is not likely to chip, get scratched, or sag. Wicker furniture often needs repair of the seats and arms, as the strands of wicker eventually come loose and begin to shred or sag. Plastic furniture may show scratches that need repair. Teak, however, needs little to no maintenance over time, and can last for decades, even when left out in the elements.


Teak furniture can be used indoors and out, so if you have a sunroom, a home spa with a steam room, or a walk-in shower for which you need a bench or other seating area, consider teak furniture that matches your patio furniture for these spaces. This can give your entire home a cohesive and coordinated look, both inside and out.

Heat moderation

Teak furniture moderates heat, meaning that it maintains a somewhat stable temperature no matter the temperature around the furniture. Metal and plastic furniture can become overly warm or very cold, depending on the outside temperature, making that furniture uncomfortable for seating in certain seasons. You can put cushions on metal or plastic furniture to help keep the surface cool in summertime and a bit warmer during cold weather, but this can be cumbersome, and the cushions would then need cleaning and mending over the years. With teak furniture, you'll have a comfortable seating area along with tables and other pieces that won't get too hot or too cold, no matter the outside weather.

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