Building a Kitchen to Outlast the Trends

Interior design is a carefully balanced artform. Design that stands the test of time will reflect contemporary trends, while avoiding anything that's destined to become quickly dated. When planning your new kitchen, how do you tell a flash in the pan from a significant and evolving design concept? It all starts with the benchtop.

Your kitchen benchtops are at the centre of the action in everything that happens in your home, from family get-togethers to seasoned forays into home cooking. 2018 is shaping up to deliver a range of innovations in both the design and materials used in kitchen benchtops. Read on to discover what will stay, and what'll be left behind.


While thicker benchtops have been the standard in recent years, designers are starting to lean towards a far thinner profile. Many of these pared-back benches employ a shadow line directly below the countertop, highlighting its sleek profile. While this trend is rising in popularity because it looks great, it is also likely to stand the test of time, as natural resources often used in the manufacture of kitchen benchtops, such as stone and timber, are becoming more scarce.

At the other end of the scale, some homeowners are opting for grand, oversized benches. Lavish helpings of precious materials such as natural stone can be used to lend a sense of opulence to the room, adding value to your property as these resources become harder to procure.

If you find yourself torn between these two competing concepts, there is a compromise. Investing in a thicker-profile island with thin surrounding benchtops in a complementary material will not only keep your kitchen on budget, but will integrate these duelling trends into your design in a way that's destined to remain relevant.


Many materials used popularly in kitchens in recent years will continue to be fashionable, with natural and engineered stone, timber and laminates leading the charge. As the key factor in any standout kitchen is the quality of its materials, these ingredients offer a safe way to keep your kitchen up to date in the coming years.

Bear in mind that not all pricey materials are hard-wearing, just as not all economical choices will let you down. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, many mass-produced benchtops and even wholesale kitchens will maintain their look and value far into the future.

Whether you've planned your kitchen for entertaining, with bar stools surrounding a central island, or you prefer a more serene atmosphere, your quest for the ideal kitchen must start with this centrepiece, the benchtop. So remain true to design choices that are here to stay. You'll not only raise your property value, but you'll build a kitchen that you'll love for years to come.

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