Fun and Unique Ideas for Custom Interior Doors

Custom interior doors can give any room of your home a unique look and feel, and create a grand and sweeping entryway even in a smaller space. Custom doors can also better serve smaller spaces, or create a coordinated and cohesive look between all the room's features and design accessories. If you want to add new doors to the interior of your home, note a few fun and unique ideas you might discuss with your contractor or designer.

Tall and thin doors

If you want a grand entryway between rooms but can't widen the doorway, consider adding height. You can then install two tall and thin doors that open from the middle; this can make the passage seem more regal, and give the doorway more visual interest than if it only had one door panel.

Invisible doors

If you prefer very minimal details in your decor, invisible doors can be created that will fit in with this style. These can be plain panels that are built to fit snugly in the doorframe so that they virtually disappear. A simple metal handle can be all that shows on the door, making it a perfect addition to a modern look in the home.

Rounded doors

For a unique look, you might considered rounded doors, or those that have a rounded top versus a square edge. You can have two door panels installed that open in the middle to make the entryway seen even larger, and use glass doors that are cut in a rounded shape for more light between the rooms.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are good for tight and crowded spaces, and can also be the unique touch you want from an interior door. A sliding door may mean a pocket door that actually slides into the wall, so it's completely out of the way when open. A sliding door can also mean a door that runs along a track above the doorframe, called a barn style door, rather than opening on hinges.

A sliding door is not only functional but it can also add lots of style to a space. You can widen the doorframe, without an oversized door taking up too much room in a hallway or elsewhere. Many pocket doors have handles that stop the door from going all the way into the wall, and these handles can be purposely oversized, so they provide visual interest. The tracks and rollers of barn style doors can also be purposely oversized, so they provide a metallic element that add a bit of decoration to the door itself.

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