Guide for Selecting Awnings for Your Home

If you are in search of exterior window furnishings, one of the useful options you could consider are awnings. These treatments not only ensure that you have protection from the changing weather elements, but they are also ideal for providing UV protection for both your exterior and interior upholstered items. The high popularity of awnings has given forth to a multitude of design options to ensure that every homeowner can find something to suit their taste. As a result, shopping for new awnings may seem daunting, especially if you cannot discern the differences between the various types. Below is a concise guide to the main forms of awnings that you can select for your home.

Straight drop awnings

Homeowners whose primary concern is adding a contemporary touch to their home would find straight drop awnings the ideal style for their property. The sleek lines of these awnings add a clean and modern aesthetic to your space. Rather than protruding outward like traditional awnings, these awnings operate by being pulled straight down. You then have the flexibility of choosing the amount of shelter you would like away from the heat or the wind by lifting or lowering them.

Straight drop awnings can be operated via different mechanisms. The most common operation is the use of a rope and pulley system to crank the awnings open and shut. However, you can also choose to have gear operated awnings, manual awnings or motorised awnings.

Retractable awnings

This style of awnings looks similar to fabric roofing for your outdoor space. Retractable awnings are exceptionally functional for people looking to have the flexibility to entertain alfresco and create a shelter at whim if the weather elements become unbearable. These awnings would be best installed over a deck or a patio, as the retractable mechanism can be attached to your primary structure.

Retractable awnings typically comprise a weather resistant fabric that has been fitted over a metallic framework. They can extend all the way to shelter your space entirely, or you could retract them partially to let in some sun. The main drawback to retractable awnings is that they do not fare well with gale winds when they are partially opened.

Stationary awnings

If you are looking for exterior window furnishings to cater to a small area such as an entryway, stationary awnings would be a good choice. These awnings do not come with any moving parts, so they do not require a significant amount of space to be installed. The stationary awnings come in various styles include concave, domed and flat slope. It should be noted that stationary awnings might not provide you with as much cover from precipitation as their other counterparts would.

To learn more about your options, contact services that have all kinds of brands, such as Somfy, before making your final decision.

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