Resourceful choices for the Urban Dwellers: Storage Solution for Your Children's Shared Bedroom

Creating a happy and functional room for a shared sibling bedroom can be a challenging task even for the 'super parent' especially in a small urban apartment. A bedroom with young roommates is a beehive of activity and finding enough space to utilise for as twice as many belongings can sometimes add another layer of anxiety.

Where will you put all the clothing, toys, shoes not to mention the school gear? Here are a few storage solutions that will help you create a happy, functional bedroom.

There is space under the bed!

The valuable space beneath the bed is begging to be used. By maximising the space beneath your kids' beds, you will get rid of dust and say hello to storage space for toys, books, shoes – you name it.

You can use inexpensive wooden pallets, plastic containers, wheeled boxes or even cost-efficient plastic bags as storage. Under the bed storage is great for storing seasonal items, books, and hobby items.

Invest in bank beds

Bunk beds in your children's room are the best way to utilise the small space to the maximum. Bunk beds are a brilliant idea since they use vertical space, leaving a substantial floor space for additional furniture/storage or enough space for your kids' bedroom playground.

Additionally, you can hang baskets or bags off the bunks to allow more storage for stashing frequently used items such as small toys.

Go for multifunctional furniture

Double duty pieces are a must, especially in a small shared bedroom. As such, any piece you add to the room should at least have two or more uses. A good example is a toy chest that can be used both as a brilliant storage solution and also as a study table or a seat.

Get storage cubes

When your kids' bedroom is more bed than room, you need every storage opportunity you can get. Cubed pieces come in a range of styles meaning you can splash in little decorating skills whereas at the same time creating more storage.

Also, cubicles are flexible and are the ideal storage solution especially when you want to assign defined spaces for each child. Cubicles are also a great way of teaching your children how to stay cleaned and organised.

Use hooks

Hooks are one of the most efficient storage solutions due to their petite size. Since they occupy a small volume, they offer you the flexibility of a storage solution in a space that couldn't otherwise accommodate a cubicle or a piece of furniture.

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