3 Plant Varieties That Are Ideal For Landscaping A Large Garden

Landscaping your garden can be a rewarding yet challenging project. If you have a large area to landscape, it can be even more challenging, particularly if you don't want to simply fill up most of the garden with lawn. If you'd like to create a verdant, interesting and intimate outdoor space in your garden, then here are three plants that will work incredibly well.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is a popular choice for many homeowners. It's attractive, fast-growing and adds a bright and exotic look to your garden. Bamboo comes in a wide array of different varieties and once planted, is very low-maintenance and drought tolerant.

Bamboo is a great choice because it provides height to your planting without requiring years of growth like other plant varieties. It's an excellent choice to use in areas where you'd like to create a privacy from neighbours or you'd like to screen less attractive features of your home or garden.

2. Ground cover plants

If you have large areas of garden to plant but the soil or the location isn't suited for garden beds, then ground cover plants are an excellent alternative. These plants grow horizontally instead of vertically and will spread out over bare patches of soil to create a beautiful, living carpet.

If the area you wish to plant your ground cover plants in is shady, then Bishop's Weed or Sweet Woodruff are both pretty plants that thrive in limited sunshine. If you'd like ground cover that thrives on neglect, then opt for aromatic Thyme or pretty low growing succulents such as Sedum, which require little water or fertilisation.

3. Ornamental grasses

Although you may be trying to avoid large expanses of lawn, ornamental grasses are a great option to create a rich and varied structure in a large garden. They grow quickly to fill out bare patches in garden beds and along fence lines. They add elegant and architectural shapes to your garden with their long, feather-like fronds.

Ornamental grasses come in an enormous range of varieties which are suited to different soil types and climates. They provide a rich selection of colours ranging from greens through to vibrant reds and purples. Many varieties also produce soft and delicate flower heads at certain times of the year.

Landscaping a larger garden can be challenging but once it's complete you'll have a beautiful, colourful and lush outdoor space to enjoy. To save money on the project, visit your local wholesale nursery where you can buy all of these beautiful plants in bulk and at a discounted price.

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